I try to write when I fly; it relieves the boredom and terror. This was a Delta flight home from Boston after a week on Cape Cod.

Like a wide-screen TV
Spread out in front of me,
Are these cars stuck like glue to the road.
This mid-day traffic jam
Reminds me of where I am.
If I don't get outside soon
I'll explode.

I've been looking out windows,
Nose against the glass,
Captive like a moth to a flame.
I've been looking out windows
At the world passing by,
And I have no one but myself to blame.

The neon buzzes bright
Like a vision in the night,
On the building over fifteen floors below.
There are people on those streets
That I will never meet,
Friends down there that
I will never know.


Life is not for watching,
Don't be outside looking in.
Think about what I'm saying.
You know life is not some game
That you can lose or win.

The engines keep the beat
Here at thirty-thousand feet,
Following the North Atlantic coast.
From as far as I can see
This is where I want to be,
And I'm doing what
I love to do the most.

©1993 by Delma Carl Suggs
Published by Hurricane Hole Music, ASCAP
All Rights Reserved

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