Refrigerated Air

You wake up in the morning
With a buzz from your electric clock,
Jump into the shower--
You've got the water heater nice and hot.
A new electric razor,
You've got a blow dryer for your hair,
A pop-top toaster and a mr. coffeemaker--
You eat breakfast in refrigerated air.

Listen to the TV,
Getting dressed to go make a buck.
Fluff your clothes in the dryer--
You'll get a raise with a little luck.
Pull out into traffic,
Step on the gas without a care.
Stop and Go driving at eight in the morning,
You drive to work in refrigerated air.

Don't you worry 'bout the juice you're using,
You get the bill at the end of the month.
You better worry 'bout the path you're choosing,
You're gonna pay for it at the pump.

Hot around the collar--
You push the thermostat down a notch.
Don't worry 'cause you're leaving
It'll be cool when you're back from lunch.
Ride the elevator--
Don't think twice about taking stairs.
You step on the pad and the door swings open,
You eat lunch in refrigerated air.

Bundled up in blankets,
Watching "Carson" on TV.
The weather is a scorcher--
But inside its sixty-five degrees.
I know somebody's sweating,
Somebody's got to be hot somewhere--
But I'm shutting my eyes until tomorrow,
Sleeping tight in refrigerated air.

©1984 by Delma Carl Suggs
Published by Hurricane Hole Music, ASCAP
All Rights Reserved

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