Old Blue Ford

The paint is faded
On this old mottled skin,
With bubbles of rust
Pushing up from within.
The hood is dented
And the windshield is cracked--
A shining example
Of the maintenance lacked.


The original engine
Still runs like a colt--
Although it's lost some compression,
And it's seized a few bolts.
The upholstery is raged,
A bit worn and in need--
It was sure built for comfort
And occasional speed.



You can tune the engine
You can change the oil,
Tighten up the suspension,
Replace the shocks and coil.
But the chassis is solid,
And the drive train is strong--
Keep it out on the highway
And you will never go wrong.

©1995 by Delma Carl Suggs
Published by Hurricane Hole Music, ASCAP
All Rights Reserved

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