Magic Chair

The thing I love best about the beach: I Stop Thinking. Everybody needs a special place to go and be stupid.

Drove all night just to get here,
Been on the road too long,
Out where little things grow
And you lose all sense of perspective.
And I worry too much about paying the bills,
Fighting these battles and climbing these hills,
Running so hard, until I've got to sit down.

I've got a magic chair.
It's sits on the beach and
It takes my cares away.
I've got a magic chair,
Sit down beside me.

It looks just like I left it...
Sea oats anchor the shore
And the sand crabs shuffle
Just like some people I know.
I get working so hard I start feeling delirious,
This is just life-- it ain't nothing serious.
And I'll run hard, until I have to sit down.


I can't stay here forever.
The sun is sinking low and
The tide's rolling in--
It's gonna wash us away.
Buddy, I'm soaking it in because I know it won't last.
Life is so short you've got to move fast.
And I'll run hard until I've got to sit down.


©1993 by Delma Carl Suggs
Published by Hurricane Hole Music, ASCAP
All Rights Reserved

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