Desperately Seeking Grace

Written in a fit of personal and professional frustration. Sometimes I wonder how many times I can hit the ball and watch it fall just short of the outfield fence. Then I step back up to the plate and wait for the next pitch.

Feeling the water at my feet,
Getting a chill from all this heat.
Wondering exactly what to say
Wanting to laugh, needing to pray.
Struggling with all I have to do
Just to be a part of this chosen few.
Falling so flatly on my face--
When I'm desperately seeking grace.

Here with my back against the wall
Wanting to run, having to crawl.
Hiding behind this smooth veneer
What do I know, what do I fear?
Searching for answers I can't find,
And holes below the waterline.
Falling so early in this race--
When I'm desperately seeking grace.

Blocked from the forest by the trees
Closing my eyes trying to see.
Letting my spirit overrule;
Am I a chump? Am I a fool?
Fighting to keep myself afloat,
I'm rethinking everything I wrote.
Falling from king to commonplace--
When I'm desperately seeking grace.

©2002 by Delma Carl Suggs
Published by Hurricane Hole Music, ASCAP
All Rights Reserved

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