Back On The Water

I can hear the waves breaking,
And feel the saltwater pepper on my skin.
It may be the smell, but I can tell
I'm home again.
A sea breeze is blowing,
A sandpiper hovers in the wind.

Rolling down the highway,
I can almost feel the sand beneath my feet.
I've been away too long, and it's been a while
Since I've walked that beach.
A lady's there awaiting,
Her skin as brown as burgundy wine.

It's so good to be back on the water--
Feeling free--
Lord, like that's the way it's supposed to be...
I want to live my life upon the sea

I don't know why I leave it
I ought to go back there and settle down for good.
I guess that keeps me going,
Just knowing I'd do it if I could.
If this old road owns me,
It's only for a very short time...


©1984 by Delma Carl Suggs
Published by Hurricane Hole Music, ASCAP
All Rights Reserved

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