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John Blue died on January 26, 2002. He is survivied by his sisters, many dear friends, and thousands of devoted fans.

Go to the dictionary, and look up "paradox." You'll likely see a picture of John Blue.

Can you imagine: a US Marine Corp Vietnam Vet, who then spent two years in the Peace Corp and two years with the World Health Organization; born and raised in redneck rural Laurinburg, North Carolina, and then became the first white football player at a black college (North Carolina A&T); the build of a WWF wrestler, who has an MA (and nearly completed doctorate) in Education.

It's almost too much to believe. Except it's true.

John Blue has seen it all. Badly wounded in Vietnam, he came home to heal and ended up with a football scholarship. While working as a drug counselor at a rehab clinic in Charlotte, he was fatally wounded by a patient's boyfriend-- but managed to survive. It apparently takes more than a bullet to stop this heart.

Arriving in Tallahassee in the spring of 1982, John quickly became a fixture at the "Tuesday Night Allstars" open mic held weekly at the now defunct Radcliffe's. His songwriting and performances became an integral part of the local music scene, and although he continued to travel and perform, he began to consider Tallahassee as his home.

For the last ten years, Blue has lived on his sailboat and written songs about his experiences and the world around him. He has performed at clubs and festivals across the United States, and is equally at home on stage at "The Crazy Horse" in Anaheim opening for James Taylor or at "Outz Oyster Bar" in Newport. John Blue has shared the stage with such notables as John Prine and Dave Mason, and performed at such prestigious events as the Frank Brown International Songwriters Festival, the EARTH Festival, and the Havana Music Festival.

"Pirate's Son" is his first full-length recording, and barely scratches the surface of his 300+ song repertoire. It features fifteen of his best loved songs, including "Train," "Life is like a River," "Too Long in the Rain," and his trademark song, "Pirate's Son."

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